Health Sector Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Strategy

Ministry of Health and Population, Government of Nepal
December 1, 2010


Nepal's interim constitution 2063 (2006 AD) has assured every citizen the right to free essential health care by law; hence it is the responsibility of the state to ensure health services are accessible to all citizens. The Government of Nepal, via theMinistry of Health and
Population (MoHP) is committed to increasing the access and use of essential health care services (EHCS) by all citizens, but especially by the disadvantaged, marginalized and backward target groups specified by the State. They are also committed to improving the quality of health services, ensuring equal and equitable treatment for all citizens. In this context, Nepal's health sector laws, rules, strategies and programmes have given special importance to Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI). Without considering and including GESI, the health sector will not be able to realize the health goals of the constitution. Thus in recognizing the poor, vulnerable, marginalized castes and ethnic groups, the physically and mentally disabled, including women, children and senior citizens as target groups and to provide services to this segment of the population, it has been deemed necessary to develop a GESI-specific strategy.

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