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MLI to Present Multiple Papers at African Health Economy Conference

MLI is honored to announce that The African Health Economics and Policy Association (AfHEA)  has accepted multiple MLI abstracts for their March conference in Dakar, Senegal. AfHEA provides a forum for peer learning and information sharing for professionals in health economies in Africa.  This conference will bring together Africa’s top health economists and health policy analysts to review current trends and promising programs and policies for moving Africa’s health systems toward universal coverage for health care. 

AfHEA has invited MLI to join the top African health economists in order to present one poster and three oral presentations, focusing on the technical programs of MLI. The presentations will feature lessons for scaling up mutuelle coverage that Ministry officials in Mali learned from Rwanda during a MLI sponsored study tour, financing mechanisms for achieving universal coverage drawn from MLI’s issue brief “Reducing Financial Barriers to Reproductive Health Care: Experiences with Free Care and Health Insurance,” methods for developing more equitable health resource allocation formulas in Senegal, and the health sector Balanced Scorecard initiative in Ethiopia.  The accepted abstracts are as follows:

- “The Balanced Scorecard: A Tool for Developing the Health Sector Development Plan IV in Ethiopia” Rahel Gizaw, MLI-Ethiopia Country Lead

- "Is Rwanda replicable? Mali’s quest to learn from Rwanda’s health insurance success and adapt its approach in a national strategy to extend mutuelles de santé” Allison Gamble Kelley, MLI-Mali Country Lead and health economist.

- “Overcoming Financial Obstacles to Reproductive Health Care: Experiences with Free Care and Health Insurance,” Allison Gamble Kelley, MLI-Mali Country Lead and  health economist

- “Situational Analysis on the Reform of the Criteria for Allocating Resources in the Health Sector in Senegal.” Dr. Ndack Ly MLI-Senegal Country Lead

More information about the upcoming meeting can be found at the AfHEA website.

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