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Updated February 8, 2011

Results Based Financing Workshop

Senegal’s Department of Health and Prevention (MSP) and key health sector stakeholders finalized a results-based financing (RBF) pilot plan last week. RBF is a performance management tool that compensates health service providers for rendering high quality services and attaining certain outcomes. The MSP is experimenting with RBF as its Health Development Plan 2009-2018 strives to establish a culture of performance and fairness in the system to motivate health workers and develop a sense of responsibility.

Program Focus

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In Senegal, MLI is collaborating with the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHP) to develop more equitable resource allocation formulas, strengthen the health Sector-Wide Approach (SWAp), and support donor alignment. MLI is also supporting the Reproductive Health (RH) Division to build its institutional capacity and its ability to use evidence more effectively in order to elevate RH within the Ministry’s broader policy goals.

Meet the Ministry

Modou Diagne Fada

Hon. Modou Diagne Fada was appointed Minister of Health and Prevention of Senegal in December 2009. From April 2000 - May 2001, he served as the Minister of Youth before moving to the Department of Environment after the general election of 2001.

Statistical Overview

Capital City Dakar
Minister of Health Hon. Modou Diagne Fada
Total Population 12379000
Life Expectancy (years) 63
Maternal Mortality* 400/100,000
Under 5 Mortality 114/1,000
Literacy Rate 43

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