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Updated December 15, 2010

Mali gains “real momentum toward universal coverage”

In Mali, the barrier to universal health coverage is not political will. The government is determined to scale up and systematize its community-based health insurance programs, or mutuelles. But it lacks adequate technical expertise and capacity for such an ambitious reform,  and yet there is relatively timid donor involvement in health care financing in Mali. Developing a large-scale insurance program involves complex skills, negotiations and institutional reform. That’s where MLI comes in. We’ve been able to connect government officials in Mali with experts who can help them achieve their ambitious goal and mobilize the financial support needed to do it.

Program Focus

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In Mali, MLI has been working closely with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social Development to put in place critical health financing reforms to improve access to healthcare for the country’s whole population. In 2005, the government implemented an initiative to support free Cesarean Sections performed at public facilities.

Meet the Ministry

Hon. Macalou

Dr. Aliou Badara Macalou was appointed Interim Minister of Health in December, 2010.

Statistical Overview

Capital City Bamako
Minister of Health Dr. Aliou Badara Macalou
Total Population 12337000
Life Expectancy (years) 54
Maternal Mortality* 460/100,000
Under 5 Mortality 196/1,000
Literacy Rate 23

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