An MLI Voice: Dr. LR Pathak

Dr. LR Pathak, Chief of the Policy, Planning and International Cooperation Division, MoHP

Over the past several months the Ministry of Health and Population has been preparing and writing its second five-year Health Sector Programme-Implementation Plan (NHSP-IP 2) 2010-2015.  Preparations for the plan preceded a thorough review of the previous plan. In so doing, the current plan represents a continuation and further refinement of the previous plan to build on past successes, which included the implementation of cost-effective, evidence-based health interventions. The upcoming plan envisions added efforts in the areas of safe motherhood, child health, nutrition, population and family planning.  And, due to a rise in non-communicable diseases and injuries, focuses on communication interventions to change behaviour. 

The plan was prepared through extensive consultations with all stakeholders, including profit and not-for-profit healthcare providers, civil society leaders, health institutions, and donor and I/NGO partners.

The three main objectives in the current five-year plan are to achieve universal coverage of essential health care, while expanding access and utilisation of these services, with a specific focus on health disparities to see improvements in care for the poor and marginalised. Local bodies will be strengthened and more inclusive collaboration with non-state actors will be sought. In addition, an increased emphasis will be put on efficiency and accountability.

With the implementation of this plan, I am confident that Nepal will meet, and maybe even exceed, the targets of the health-related Millennium Development Goals to which it has committed.

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